Mega Cell Charger

Frist impression

I've received my MCC somewhere around 10th October 2020, where according to crowdfounding campaign declaration shipping was planned for June 2020. The delay was still ok for me as @Alex Gradera clearly and reasonably reported to backers about project status and from the other hand I was absorbed by other projects.

When I've grab package into my hand I was seriously doubt as something inside was moving around - this was unsecured screw from one of 2 power supply terminal. Screw was found and finally simply puted back in place. Additionally let me mark that interial wiring were wrongly layoutet (see pic) which wasn't ciritial but at the end all that required from openning the device before 1st usage.

I am working with the charger only from some days and definetly for wider feeback I need some more time, but my first impression and pick's up are:

  • screwing supply terminals are littly tricky as they are accessable throught two holes in enclosure which are ~ 2 cm above PCB - this mean better do that with magnetic tip screwdriver. Luckly this procedure is not daily routine.
  • cell chambers numbering too small for me,
  • control display too small but this is not main control point, for more see Mega Cell Monitor post

Pros and Cons


  • active cooling which gives discharge avability at 1000mAh level,
  • as much as 16 cell slots,
  • cell temp. sensing,
  • communication endpoint - charger could be control from functional button or from MCM,
  • it measure ESR on every cell. When is doing the Capacity Test (mCap) it checks the ESR after it charges the cell, before the discharge capacity test.


  • price at ~140 USD level,
  • onboard display too small,
  • cell chambers numbering to small,

In coming days I am going to review smart algorithms as MCM software gives the choice to use them or not.